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Royal Concierge™ COP28 Accommodation Dubai are providers of accommodation for the Conference of the Parties COP28 climate change (UNFCCC) and other diplomatic events. From COP28 hotels and accommodation to carbon-neutral certified private jet charters to meet and greet to local transport and VIP security services, Accommodation Dubai is at the forefront of accommodating attendees of COP28.

Travel & Accommodation for COP28 Dubai, UAE

Book COP28 Accommodation Now Before Hotel Prices For COP Escalate


One of the world’s fastest-growing cities, Dubai boasts an incredible range of hotels for COP28 Dubai accommodation, and all year round. With many hotels for COP28 offering invaluable local services such as free shuttle buses – to and from both the main airport and Expo City, the venue accommodating conference events – diplomatic event accommodation for cop 28 is a facet of hospitality we understand intricately.

Book COP28 Hotels, Domestic Transport, Fine Dining, & More With Our Local Team

Attendees of the UNFCCC in search of the best COP 28 hotel, entire house, or apartment COP 28 accommodation options are spoilt for choice when booking with us. We’ve done the hard work for you – shortlisting only the highest-rated properties, including both luxury accommodation and options at more affordable prices across a range of hotels for cop28, all of which are selected with eco-friendliness in mind.

COP 28 Hotels 2023 Dubai

Our experienced team aims to provide a concierge service covering all bases to take the stress out of finding accommodation for COP28. Combined with the best local services, assistance, and tips provided by our listed COP 28 hotels, you and all other delegates, representatives, and attendees of all forms can relax knowing that you’re being taken care of in one of our hand-selected COP 28 hotels.

Royal Concierge Services Offering COP28 Accommodation For Delegations, Heads of State, NGOs, Corporate Executives, & More

The #1 Concierge Service providing COP28 accommodation, local secure transport, VIP close protection, Jet Charter, and more, and with 70,000+ delegates attending COP28, the reasons to find and book hotels for COP28 as early as possible have never been higher. COP28 Accommodation Dubai is a leading provider of concierge services including Accommodation for COP28, Airport Meet and Greet, Domestic Secure Transport, Private Air Charter, Executive Security (for Heads of State, Royal Families, senior Fortune 500 Corporate Executives, etc.) and more.

COP28 hotels for delegates 2023

With attendee numbers expected to exceed 70,000 for delegates alone in 2023, it is crucial that you COP28 hotel accommodation as early as possible, and find the best solution to assist in that process.

#1 COP28 Accommodation & Concierge Service

To ensure the event is smooth, the Royal Concierge™ COP28 Accommodation Dubai team is playing a crucial role in sourcing the best hotels for COP28 Accommodation to go to and from Expo City.
Our local team is able to assist with the following:

FAQs: COP28 Hotel Accommodation

It is essential to book accommodation in advance for COP28 hotels in Dubai. If left until November to choose your COP28 hotel, prices may not be as affordable as they are at present nor are accommodation for COP 28 guaranteed closer to the time given demand.

Booking your accommodation for COP28 in advance is essential if you are visiting Dubai during COP28. Given Dubai’s busy event calendar and high tourism season, COP 28 hotels often experience 100 percent occupancy which makes finding suitable accommodations difficult.

At COP28 Accommodation we have partnered with a selection of COP28 hotel providers dedicated to providing excellent hospitality to COP28 attendees. Our range of hotels all offer valuable accommodation for COP28 without compromising style or comfort.

Dubai is an alluring tourist destination with lots to offer – beaches, watersports, shopping malls, unique hotels, restaurants, and traditional culture – but its high energy consumption can strain its natural ecosystems. It was critically important to us that all partners provided Cop28 accommodation wanted to hold the same ethos in providing eco-friendly options for Cop 28 attendees which is why we facilitate carbon offsetting for all service offerings.

When you book Cop 28 accommodation with us, we are proud to provide an option to offset the carbon footprint of all activities relating to our services. When offering accommodation for Cop28 we acknowledge our own responsibility to act in accordance with the values of sustainability and environmentally conscious practices, this is why we are committed to matching all carbon-offsetting donations in partnership with our charitable tree-planting partners.

However, some hotels in Dubai are leading the way with eco-friendly initiatives and they’ve proven not only good for the environment but also fantastic for guests!

As the Conference of Parties 28, also known as COP28, prepares to convene in Dubai from November 30 to December 12, hotels across the city are already experiencing a spike in enquiries about rooms available during the accommodation for COP28 – prompting some hotels to organize shuttle buses directly from Expo City Dubai where the hotel for COP28 will take place – to Expo City Dubai itself where 70,000-plus delegates from around the globe are expected to convene for its summit, designed to find solutions for climate change.

Booking hotel accomodation for COP28 through us ensures a comfortable and safe experience. Our collection of luxury accommodation for Cop 28 has been hand-selected to meet the needs of attendees, be they diplomats or any other form of representative. All accommodations for COP28 delegates are conveniently located within close proximity of Expo City Dubai and are selected to maintain competitive pricing compared to other Cop28 hotel prices.

Accommodation for COP28 Dubai, UAE

Make Your Private Jet Charter To & From COP28 Carbon Neutral

Book Accommodation for COP28 With Us: We Are Matching ALL Carbon Offsets Across The Entire Event!

To show our commitment to the Conference of the Parties goals, Royal Concierge is matching all COP28 Accommodation Dubai bookings that include carbon offsets when booking accommodation for COP28 with us. We will be setting up a ‘Wall of Fame’ to share the highest investors in trees, along with offering Press and other coverage via COP Influencers – the results are huge, with thousands of eyeballs seeing your brand getting involved.




Please note that COP28 Accommodation Dubai ( is an independent entity and is not directly affiliated with COP28 or UNFCCC. We aim to provide knowledgeable assistance and information regarding accommodations in Dubai during the COP28 event. However, it is important to understand that we do not represent or have any official association with the organizing committee of COP28 or the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

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