Executive Protection Dubai & Close Protection Services for Delegates, Heads of State, Royal Family Members, & More for COP28

The need for VIP Executive Protection Services in Dubai is high due to having some of the most luxurious and sought-after destinations in the world, attracting VIPs, High-Net-Worth Individuals, and government officials. With events like COP28, close protection services in Dubai have garnered more interest than ever.

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COP28 Close Protection Security Services In Dubai

We offer a comprehensive range of close protection services, including VIP executive protection, risk assessments, security surveys, event security, travel security, and security training. Our close protection services are tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

COP28 Security Consulting & Risk Management

  • Executive Protection Services
  • Counter Surveillance Services
  • Security Risk & Vulnerability
  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Event Security Management
  • Physical Penetration Testing
  • Private Investigation Services
  • Due Diligence Investigation

Travel Security & Protective Services

  • Private Security Transportation
  • Aviation Security Consulting
  • Crisis Management
  • Country Risk Assessments

Our VIP executive protection services are designed for members of Royal Families, senior Fortune 500 corporate executives, A-list entertainment and sports personalities, HNW individuals, and government officials. Globally, our network provides highly skilled close protection services for diplomatic events like COP28 Dubai that are designed to ensure the safety and security of our clients.

An Elite Highly-Trained Ex-Military Team Providing Close Protection Bodyguards & Executive Protection Services in Dubai For COP28

With a team of highly trained and experienced professionals, our COP28 Close Protection Service in Dubai offers a wide range of services including threat assessments, risk analysis, secure transportation, and 24/7 surveillance. Our expertise in identifying potential risks and developing effective security strategies makes them the go-to choice for individuals seeking personalised protection. Whether it is for private events, corporate meetings, or travel arrangements, clients can rely on the expertise of Close Protection Services in Dubai to provide utmost security and ensure a safe environment at all times.

COP28 Executive Protection Officers In Dubai

We provide our clients with an elite-level of close protection service in Dubai, ensuring comprehensive personal security solutions for individuals and groups requiring enhanced protection. Our tailored close protection Dubai security services are planned and executed to cover the security of high-profile clients, with a focus on safety and peace of mind in every situation.

If you are part of a delegation or group including high profile attendees to COP28, our VIP Protection Services in Dubai go above and beyond to provide discreet and high-quality security measures, maintaining utmost professionalism and confidentiality at all times.

SIRA-Certified Close Protection Officers in Dubai

Close Protection Officers in Dubai are professionals trained comprehensively in providing personal protection services security to individuals or groups at high risk. Their services are essential in a city like Dubai, a world-class metropolis and business hub where high-profile individuals often reside or visit. The role of Close Protection in Dubai extends beyond just physical security – it encompasses risk assessment, advanced planning, surveillance, and emergency response. The proficiency of these Close Protection Officers underscores Dubai’s reputation as a safe, secure global destination. 

Bodyguard Services Dubai by the Best

Bodyguard Services Dubai stands as a premier choice for those seeking comprehensive and reliable security solutions. Harnessing a sophisticated approach to personal protection, Bodyguard Service Dubai excels in catering to the diverse needs of its high-profile clients. It enables people to Hire Bodyguards in Dubai who are intensively trained, discreet, and observant, thereby assuring their safety in all situations. Whether for corporate executives, celebrities or families, Hire Bodyguards Dubai boats of providing adept personnel to ensure unrivaled security and peace of mind. 

VIP Personal Protection Bodyguard Services in Dubai

Dubai VIP Personal Bodyguard Protection Services offer an unparalleled level of security for individuals who require an extra layer of safety. Highly trained Dubai VIP Personal Bodyguards are adept in assessing risk factors and proactively mitigating numerous potential threats. With a thorough understanding of Dubai‚Äôs landscape and culture, our Personal Bodyguard Close Protection team ensures seamless security management at every step. Offering more than just physical safety, our Personal Bodyguard Services enable clients to conduct their day-to-day activities with a renewed sense of security. Ultimate peace of mind is the true trademark of our Personal Bodyguard Protection Service. 

VIP Security Services in Dubai for COP28 by Ex UK Special Forces and British Army

The VIP Security Services in Dubai for COP28 will be managed by highly trained personnel, drawn from Ex UK Special Forces and the British Army. This top-level security provision is designed to thoroughly protect the safety and integrity of important attendees against any potential harm. As such, our VIP Security in Dubai offers comprehensive protection services that are unique in their design, utilising specialised tactics developed from years of strategic experience. The VIP Security Service Dubai is thus set to ensure security measures of the highest calibre for COP28.

Leading Close Protection Security Company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The leading Close Protection Security Company in Dubai provides top-tier security services across the United Arab Emirates. Known as a holistic solution for safety, their services are designed to maintain client discretion and confidentiality. As the pre-eminent Close Protection Company in Dubai, they leverage innovative technology and highly trained professionals to ensure robust security measures. The Close Protection Security in Dubai is an industry model for client-centric, high-grade security, demonstrating a keen aptness for understanding and accommodating diverse client requirements.

For High Profile VIP Protection Bodyguard Services, Trust Our Close Protection Team

 In the realm of High Profile VIP Protection, lending your trust to a proficient security team is crucial. Our team, specializing in VIP Bodyguard Services, exhibits unmatched dedication, expertise, and discretion, ensuring the safety of our elite clientele. Dubai, a renowned hub of luxury and opulence, is our primary area of operation, setting the bar high in Dubai VIP Bodyguard Services. We understand the intricate demands of this role and vow to provide an unbreachable shield of protection to our esteemed clients. Trust us, for we solidify security whilst maintaining privacy.


At COP28 security in Dubai is a serious subject, and our team utilizes the latest technology, including real-time tracking and surveillance systems, to ensure that our clients are protected at all times. We also provide comprehensive risk assessments and contingency planning to minimize any potential threats.

With years of experience providing close protection services in Dubai and around the world, COP28 Dubai is committed to delivering exceptional service and ensuring the safety and security of our clients at all times. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with your close protection needs in Dubai.

In Dubai, various types of bodyguard services are available to cater to clients’ diverse needs. Personal bodyguard services provide round-the-clock protection to high-risk individuals. Executive bodyguard services specialize in protecting VIPs like CEOs, politicians, and celebrities during their work hours or special events. Close protection services are another option, offering either unarmed or armed bodyguards for full-time protection. Lastly, residential security services ensure maximal safety for homes while providing personal safety. Each service is meticulously tailored to address the unique security needs and concerns of the clients.

When hiring a bodyguard company in Dubai, it is essential to consider several crucial factors. Firstly, the company should be licensed under the Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) for legitimacy. Secondly, the bodyguards’ experience, training and knowledge of local language and laws should not be compromised. Thirdly, their ability to offer personalized solutions to cater to your specific security needs is vital. Lastly, the company should provide evidence of their track record in providing high-quality protection services. Ensure they uphold the highest standards of professionalism, discretion, and physical fitness. 

In the bustling city of Dubai, renowned for its high profile individuals and prominent businesses, bodyguard services becomes a necessity for ensuring personal safety and protection. Navigating the potential risks and threats, especially for high net worth individuals, business executives, or foreign dignitaries, can be a complex task. Professional bodyguard services provide an elevated level of security by constantly monitoring the environment for hazards, swiftly neutralizing any potential threats, and ensuring smooth access to your everyday routines and high-profile events. With personal safety being paramount, employing such services in Dubai becomes essential.